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Instructions and Help about Irs form 2555-ez 2022

Hi everybody i'm david mckee ghen with greenback expat tax services and today I want to discuss the important tax deadlines for 2022 with you so the first one this year is January 31st and this is when the IRS opens up the tax season until january thirty first nothing can be e-filed you can still mail returns in but they won't start getting processed until the 31st so january 31st is really the start of the tax season and it's a bit late this year due to the government shutdown in 2022 the next deadline you need to know about is april fifteenth and april fifteenth is the US tax deadline for individuals so if you're back in the US you need to file by april fifteenth but if you're living overseas you get an automatic two month to month extension which will bring you out until june fifteenth but June fifteenth this year falls on a Sunday so you actually have until june sixteenth to file your expat taxes this year now if you don't think you're going to be able to get everything together and get everything filed by june sixteenth we can file an extension for you and this will give you until october 15th in order to you know have your returns prepared and get everything filed a lot of people like to take advantage of that especially if you're in countries that have different tax years than the calendar year so you know maybe you're in the UK or australia and you don't even start getting your tax documents until after the april fifteenth deadline if that's the case just let us know we'll get an extension filed for you and yeah then we'll be able to get everything prepared over the summer and september-october and get it filed for the october deadline if you have any questions please let us know and we look forward to working with you thank you.


What is the American expat tax exclusion amount?
The answer is not simple. You should use a tax preparer familiar with the tax needs of expatriate American taxpayers.Even if your US tax is zero, you are legally obliged to file US taxes until your death or until your income level falls below statutory minimum.Expats have INDEPENDENT sets of filing requirements concerning their foreign financial matters; failure to comply makes you liable to high penalties:Income tax declarationForeign financial accounts and instruments reportForeign corporate interestsIncome tax on income earned from foreign activities is treated by one of two alternative regimes:FEIC (Foreign Earned Income Exclusion) If you are a legal resident of a foreign nation where you are taxed, you can opt to exclude up to a threshold maximum of some $90k, PRORATED only for the time you were not in the United States. If you are not a legal resident of the foreign nation, you cannot use this regime unless you were physically present for more than 6 months per calendar year (but most foreign nations would oblige you to be legally resident for that period length, anyway). This exclusion is ONLY FOR EARNED INCOME, not other sources of income like interest, social benefits, dividends, capital gains, gifts, inheritance or trust disbursements.FTC (Foreign Tax Credit) If you are taxed by a foreign government with which there is a double taxation treaty with the USA, you may opt for the regime where you deduct certain taxes paid to foreign governments from your calculated US tax amount.I reiterate, you also have to file u201cFBARu201d reports every year that you total non-US liquid assets exceeded USD10k at any point in the year.
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