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2555 2023 Form: What You Should Know

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FAQ - Form 2555 2023

2023 Tax Law Change. IRS FORM 2555 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE). Can someone help explain what actually changed for deployed contractors?
Prior to 2023. a contractor who worked overseas in support of US Armed Forces could not typically qualify for foreign earned income exclusion if they maintained a home in the US, no matter how long they stayed overseas. Beginning with 2023 tax year, keeping a home in the US no longer disqualifies a defense contractor if he or she is working overseas in a designated combat zone.
How is a small salary or income (under USD 10,000) of a US citizen after taxes in India treated in the USA?
Waiting for 2023 figures from the IRS, but for 2017:If you are single and under age 65 and your total income - before taking any exclusions (Form 2555 Foreign Earned Income Exclusion) - is less than US $10,400, you are not required to file. If over 65, the figure is $11,950.If married filing separate (to an Indian or other foreign national) the required filing limit is $4050.If married filing jointly, the figure is $20,800.Filing is a separate question as to whether you OWE tax.Note that if you have a bank account there, and at any time it exceeded the value of $10,000 during the year, you must also file a FinCEN 114 FBAR, but that is a separate issue to the tax return.
Can senior citizens get earned income credit?
EITC Income QualificationsFor Tax Year 2023. the EITC phases out entirely (is not available) for taxpayers with an adjusted gross income of:$15,270 with no Qualifying Children ($20,950 if married filing jointly)$40,320 with one Qualifying Child ($46,010 if married filing jointly)$45,802 with two Qualifying Children ($51,492 if married filing jointly)$49,194 with three or more Qualifying Children ($54,884 if married filing jointly)You also must meet a number of other requirements:You, your spouse if married filing jointly, and any Qualifying Children you claim must each have a valid Social Security Number.You must have earned income (from employment or self-employment).Your filing status cannot be married filing separately.You must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien for the whole year, or a nonresident alien married to a U.S. citizen or resident alien and filing a joint return.You cannot be the Qualifying Child (for the Earned Income Credit) of another person.Your Qualifying Child for the EITC cannot be used by more than one person to claim the EITC.If you do not have a Qualifying Child, you must:be at least 25 but younger than 65 at the end of the tax yearlive in the United States for more than half the yearnot be the Qualifying Child of another person.You cannot file Form 2555 or 2555-EZ (Foreign Earned Income).Your investment income for the year must be $3,500 or less for Tax Year 2018
How much money can you make teaching English in Saudi Arabia?
I think itu2019s very difficult for an English teacher to find work in Saudi Arabia, because as I know, they are already very experienced in speaking English. English is the native language of KSA and the gulf.It was taught to them for 100 years ago, even before the foundation of Saudi Arabia.So generations grew up with a very good English skill, from father to son. This is quite normal for countries who are under the Anglo-Saxon colonial rule.We call this syndrome in our sayings as:u2018'While running away from a light rain, getting caught from earthquake.u2019u2019I believe that you will find it easier to find a job as an English teacher in England.But if you really want to try your luck in Saudi Arabia, get in touch with a Saudi consulate to ask the details and salaries. But make sure beforehand where the exit door is before you go in.
My daughter moved to Sweden July 2023. She has a residence and national ID. She paid taxes on income in Sweden. She hasnu2019t lived there for a year so the US wants to tax her on income that Sweden taxed her on. Can she avoid double taxation?
Yes,However, unless she is unusually tax knowledgable, she should talk with a tax professional. The year of moving abroad and the year of returning introduce extra complexity and she will want to make sure she has allocated income, expenses and taxes paid to the correct countries so that she can claim the appropriate exclusions and credits.For a u2018normalu2023 wage earner who is legitimately becoming a permanent resident overseas, you should be able to take a part year exclusion (you may have to file extensions until late in the year to be able to confirm that you have qualified). This should exclude from US tax the bulk of any income that Sweden taxes. For that income that both countries tax (assuming she is a high earning individual to have had this happen) the US provides a one for one credit of foreign taxes paid against US taxes due.Despite the headline of u2018Americanu2019s need to pay tax to the country they work in and the US - Terrible double taxation burden!!!u2019, for most income, it works out you simply pay the higher of the two taxes. So no you generally donu2019t have a double taxation.HOWEVER, your daughter is now, in the eyes of the US congress, public, IRS and Treasury, a suspected tax avoider with dodgy offshore accounts, that she clearly only has to evade taxes. As such, she will be subject to FATCA reporting and she risks that any banking product (like investing in a pension, mutual fund, having a relationship with a non-US person, or starting a business) will be non-compliant with the US rules and she would then need to file a range of disclosures or face very heavy fines.As she probably still has a view of returning, it may not make sense for her to renounce her citizenship yet, but if she likes Europe that may well be in here future.
If a person earned $250,000 a year in London, but is a US citizen, what would be their net (after tax) income? Would it help their situation to get a UK-US dual citizenship?
$US250K works out about u00a3185K at May 2023 exchange rates. You will pay UK income tax on this along with national insurance contributions and any other taxes that may be assessed on employer provided benefits such as company cars and health insurance. Assume that if you are a regular employee, and not a contractor, you will need to allow about u00a36500 or so for PAYE and NI deductions in the UK; this will vary depending on matters such how much money you put into your pension scheme and your personal tax code, which is something that Her Majestyu2019s Revenue and Customs - HMRC - will prwhen you need one.) But for rough budgeting assume net pay of about u00a39500 every month.We simply donu2019t know enough about your tax affairs in the US - what deductions you can claim, number of dependents and all the other things that make the federal tax code so much fun. You will still file a regular 1040, with some extra lines for UK income and deductions, most of which are arrived at by filling out form 2555 for your foreign income - you may be able to claim housing costs and credit for taxes paid in the UK. If you affairs are more complicated you may need to fill out some additional forms.Itu2019s a complicated process but the upshot of it is that if you are outside the US for the whole of the US tax year and you are paying income tax in the UK, you probably wonu2019t get a second tax bill from the IRS unless you have other foreign income such as investment income. What you do need to do is make sure you file every year. Unless you have a very simple life or think you can handle all the possible permutations yourself , itu2019s much easier to hire a professional to do it all for you.Oh, and no dual citizenship isnu2019t necessary or even helpful - you pay the same amount to HMRC. If you plan on staying and giving up your US citizenship in future it would pay to naturalise here first - bureaucrats really seem to have issues with stateless people.
Why do some people have to travel abroad and stay there for years and years for business?
You answered your own question. They move to earn a living.There are plenty of good reason to move to a foreign country for ones business or to work in industry.Tax benefits. The IRS considers work in a foreign country as a family burden and allows one to exclude paying taxes on the first $102,000 of income. **The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE, using IRS Form 2555) allows you to exclude a certain amount of your FOREIGN EARNED income from US tax. For tax year 2023 (filing in 2023. the exclusion amount is $102,100.US companies often provides FREE housing, a car, first class airfare and plenty of time off.The unique opportunity to work in a foreign country and u201csee the worldu201d on company money is pretty attractive.In many foreign places living is cheap. One can work for a US company earning $100,000 in China where the average income is $5,200/year. Plus pay no IRS taxes! HmmmOne of my best friends went to Singapore to work in quality control 25 years ago, has worked in Thailand, China, Malaysia and now the Philippines. He said 20 years ago u201c in the US I would need to buy my own car, buy my own house and would earn less than $40,000/yr, I will never come back to the US to worku201d. In Singapore he was earning $70,00, free car and free beautiful home with a pool. In the other countries he earned $90u2013140,000 with everything free, 6 weeks vacation, plenty of holidays and first class airfare to the US and back.Itu2019s a great gig and many Americans do work in foreign countries from teaching English a couple years to working for NGOs for a few years to working in business/industry for many years. Our government too has plenty of jobs available in countries all over the world.
As a US expat, how much do you pay in taxes?
It depends massively on ones personal circumstances. However, normally the amount you pay to the US is u2018smallu2019.If you donu2019t earn a lot, donu2019t have much passive income and donu2019t have US source income, you probably are fully covered by the foreign income exclusion.If you make a fair amount of money, you probably pay more to your host country than you would do the US, so you the foreign tax credit reduced the amount that you owe.Complex sourcing rules can result in the income being reclassified as US from foreign or foreign from US and then you are in the reverse situation where you pay the tax to the US and get a credit in you home country.There are then a number of technical issues that can result in the US and the other country treating the income as different classes of income and then you wind up not being able to offset taxes in one against the other and therefore have to pay twice. One tries to avoid this !However, the real kicker is all of the filings you need to do with the US and draconian penalties for error or omission.As an example, my wife has a basic personal pension (something that about half the population of the UK has and it is similar to a US IRA). It requires 15 pages of declarations, plus two additional declarations, one to Treasury and one in the 1040 attachment, plus supplementary notes. All to say, nothing owed now, will be taxed when withdrawn (just like a traditional IRA). Failure to file is $10k fine, failure to respond to any questions within 30 days (of post marking the basic letter that takes two weeks to arrive) u2014$10k fine.
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