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2555 multiple employers Form: What You Should Know

I had my tax returns from June 2023 and June 2023 filed and posted last year. How am I supposed to determine which years of income will be counted as foreign earned income for the foreign earned income exclusion? I have no idea what to do... or where to start! --Paxman20 Sep 13, 2023 — Form 2555 — Multiple Employers/Countries. If you have a Form 2555 filing for multiple employers, we have to be able to say who they are. I've done some research and have found the information is not quite clear at this time. Are there “dual” Form 2555's which may need two individual tax forms, and one of the two may not be the most recent? I found it confusing, so I'm sorry if this answers your question. —Bryan Sep 27, 2023 — Form 2555 — Multiple Employers/Countries. I have the same question. I don't see any guidance for how to determine who to include and not include on your tax return. It seems to me that I may not want to be on one form and not others? -- Pawn_Kill Sep 27, 2023 — Form 2555 — Multiple Employers/Countries. It is unclear the relationship between Form 2-S and Form 2. If you can't determine the relationship between Form 2-S and Form 25551060, or if you want to determine which of your employers are included on Form 2, you may need a copy of Form 2555 990-X, since there is another form which claims the relationship between 1034-S and 1060. However, you may not need a copy of Form 2555 990-X as it seems that the relationship will be listed on either Form 2555 990-8 or Form 2555 990-N (which are the two identical forms that need to be filed for each year). —Cynthia Sep 27, 2023 — Form 2555 — Multiple Employers/Countries. I received a notification through email and have attached that email to this report. In the interest of having complete information on whether I may use IRS Form 2555 to exclude my foreign earned income, if it is taxable in the U.S. and how to file my return, please be generous.

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FAQ - Form 2555 multiple employers

How can I reduce income tax?
1) TelecommuteYou can telecommute for an entire calendar year (or multiple calendar years), spending less than 31 days in the United States each calendar year.You can then claim the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion on the basis you fail to pass the Substantial Presence Test. This will allow you to exclude the first $97,600 (2023) of income you actively earn performing work while physically present in a foreign country from your U.S. taxes, using Form 2555.Note, your income may become taxed by the foreign country in which you are working. You can stay under the radar and/or choose countries that don't tax residents on their foreign income (e.g. Thailand, Singapore, Panama, Costa Rica). Choosing a destination or destinations with a low cost of living will also help.---------------------Alternatives given your added comment (unable to telecommute):Most all other tax strategies presume you have excess income (beyond your current expenses), as you can only defer taxes on income you don't spend and do something tax-efficient with. You can't have your cake and eat it too.2) Retirement/Estate PlanningYou can defer taxes on your excess income by stashing it away into retirements accounts, as follows:$17,500/year into a 401(k).You may be able to have your employer reduce your salary and match that $17,500 401(k) contribution. Total: $35,000/year.Set up a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) and you can contribute with no limit, and withdraw well before you are into retirement age. However it works like an annuity (you can't decide how much to take out), and the balance goes to charity when you and all beneficiaries are dead. You'd probably want to start out with a Net Income Makeup Charitable Remainder Unitrust (NIMCRUT) that converts into a regular Charitable Remainder Unitrust at some future time or event. Note however that CRUTs can have a bad habit of converting capital gains into ordinary income given the worst-in-first-out (WIFO) tax treatment of withdrawals.---------------------3) EquityIf you have stock options in your company, you can start exercising them. This will not save in taxes now, but in the future (you start the long-term capital gains tax treatment). However, there may be risk the equity becomes worthless, and then you have a long-term capital gains loss.If you do exercise options, or have (restricted) stock, you can contribute that to the aforementioned Charitable Remainder Unitrust and deduct a portion of its present Fair Market Value (use the company's latest 409(A) if it's not public), including unrealized capital gain. You can also use the same strategy with public investments you have made that may have unrealized capital gains.------------------4) Startup BusinessYou can bankroll a startup business setup as an LLC or SCorp (electing pass-thru taxation) and deduct your share of the losses.
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Law and Legal Internship Contact Details | Updated: 500 Places u20131. Internship Contact Details: NGOs and Research Organisations [80]NGOs and Research Organisations in Delhi (NCR)1. Aarohan, New Delhi: aarohansociety@gmail.com2. Asian African Legal Consultative Organization (AALCO), Delhi: mail@aalco.int3. Center for Science and Environment, Delhi: cse@cseindia.org, dpriyanka@cseindia.org4. Centre for Legislative Research and Advocacy, Delhi: info@clraindia.or g(Vinod Bhanu)5. Centre for Public Policy, New Delhi: (www.publicpolicy.in/index.html)6. Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Insititute of Foreign Trade, Delhi: aklahiri@iift.ac.in orlahiri@nic.in7. Chetanalaya, New Delhi: chetanalaya@gmail.com8. Common Wealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI), Delhi-vinu@humanrightsinitiative.org9. Consumers India, New Delhi: jayashreehrg@gmail.com10. CRY, Delhi: leena.prasad@crymail.org11. Haq: Centre for child rights, Delhi: http://www.haqcrc.org/internship12. Honour Our Women13. Human Rights Law Network, Delhi: admin@hrln.org14. iJustice, Delhi (a public interest law firm): shefali@ijustice.in15. India Vision Foundation, NGO, Delhi: kritya.pandey@yahoo.com16. Make A Difference, Delhi: http://www.makeadiff.in17. MARG Multiple Action: marg@ngo-marg.org18. Navjyoti India Foundation, Gurgaon: admin@navjyoti.org.in19. Navjyoti India Foundation,Gurgaon: admin@navjyoti.org.in20. Observer Research Foundation: (www.orfonline.org/u2026/u2026/orfonline/html/internship/interns.html)21. PRS Legislative Research, New Delhi: (www.prsindia.org/aboutus/opportunities-at-prs/)22. Public Interest Legal Support and Research Centre (PILSARC), Delhi: pilsarc@gmail.com,rashmi@pilsarc.org23. PUCL, New Delhi: puclnat@gmail.com (Mahi Pal Singh)24. Rakshak Foundation, New-Delhi: hr@rakshakfoundation.org25. RespectWomen.co.in, New Delhi: info@respectwomen.co.in26. Siddhartha Vashishta Charitable Trust, New Delhi: svctdelhi@gmail.com27. Software Freedom Law Center, New Delhi: mamta@softwarefreedom.in(Mamta Verma)28. TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute), New Delhi: http://www.teriin.org/contact-us29. Transparency International India, New Delhi: tiindia.newdelhi@gmail.com30. Vidhi Center for Legal Policy, Delhi: vclp@vidhilegalpolicy.inNGOs and Research Organisation in Other Parts of Northern India33. RLEK (Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra), Dehradun: rlek.org@gmail.com34. Make a Difference, Chandigarh: contact@makeadiff.in35. Breakthrough NGO, Lucknow: contact@breakthrough.tv36. Samanvaya, Uttarakhand: 5966 u2023 2506 / 225937. Human Rights Law Network, Allahabad: kkroyald@gmail.com, allahabad@hrln.org, 532u2023 2623893, 242189338. SOS Organics, Pant Village, Almora, Uttarakhand: sosorganics.com39. Latika Roy Foundation, Dehradun: http://latikaroy.org40. Association of Advocacy and Legal Initiative , AALI, Lucknow: http://aalilegal.org/get-involved/internships-volunteering/NGOs and Research Organisations in Bangalore, Hyderabad, CochinBangalore41. Bar and Bench, Bangalore: careers@barandbench.com; info@barandbench.com42. Greenpeace, Bangalore: akshey.kalra@greenpeace.org43. Center for law and Policy Research, Bangalore: Jayna.kothari@gmail.com44. Center for Environmental Law, Education, Research and Advocacy, NLSIU, Bangalore:commonscell@nls.ac.in45. BOSCO, Bangalore: boscoban@gmail.com46. Center for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore: jayna.kothari@gmail.com47. Janaagraha, Bangalore: volunteer@janaagraha.org48. Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore: http://altlawforum.org/internships; internships@altlawforum.org49. Amnesty International, Bangalore: internships@amnesty.org.in50. Takshashila Institution, Bangalore: (takshashila.org.in/programmes/internships/)Hyderabad51. Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Hyderabad: http://www.fdrindia.org/internships/52. MV Foundation, Hyderabad: mvfindia@gmail.com53. Centre for Disability Studies, NALSAR, Hyderabad: cdspadma@gmail.com andinternships@disabilitystudies...54. CARPED-Centre For Action Research and Peopleu2019s Development, Hyderabad: idimam@gmail.com (M.Subash Chandra)55. Center for Legal Awareness, Hyderabad: centre.legalawareness@gmail.comCochin56. Centre for Public Policy and Research, Cochin: (www.cppr.in/internships/)NGOs and Research Organisations in Kolkata and Eastern IndiaKolkata57. Action Aid India, Kolkata: Surajit.Neogi@actionaid.org58. HRLN, Kolkata: kolkata@hrln.org59. CHRI, Kolkata: madhurima@humanrightsinitiative.org60. HOPE Foundation, Kolkata: 33-2474-2904; paulami@hope-foundation.in61. Helpage India, Kolkata: kolkata@helpageindia.org, anuradha.sen@helpageindia.org62. Maya Foundation. Kolkata: drmganguly@yahoo.com / mayacharity@gmail.com, +033 2356 4274 / 2555 2823Eastern India63. Bachpan Bachao Andolan, Patna: 943007432764. Voluntary Health Association of Sikkim, Gangtok: vhas@sify.comNGOs and Research Organisations in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad and Western IndiaMumbai65. Majlis, Mumbai: majlislaw@gmail.com, majlislegal@gmail.com66. International Justice Mission, Mumbai: mmendonca@ijm.org (Michelle Mendonca)67. CRY, Mumbai: cryinfo.mum@crymail.org68. SNEHA, Mumbai: http://www.snehamumbai.org/portal/contact-us.aspx69. Advitya, Munbai: advitya_1@rediffmail.com, +91 9820844415 , +91 22 2660290070. Human Rights Law Network, Mumbai: internships@hrln.org OR mumbai@hrln.orgPune71. Kalpavriksh, Pune: kalpavriksh@vsnl.net72. Greenpeace India, Pune: 20-6561278073. Centre for Development Studies and Activity, Pune: +91-20-6473001074. Saheli Karyakarta Sangh, Pune: 20-65287296Ahmedabad75. Yuva Unstoppable, Ahemedabad: rinkal@yuvaunstoppable.org76. Self Employed Womenu2019s Agency (SEWA), Ahmedabad: mail@sewa.org77. Janvikas, Ahemdabad: vijayparmar@janvikas.inJaipur78. 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