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Why doesn't the US government/IRS tax companies on global income similar tohow it taxes US citizens globally (incl. foreign earned income exclusion andforeign tax credit)? Wouldn't it mean increased revenue, reduced corporate taxrates and obsolete global tax havens?
The US government does tax US companies on global income it is just that thetax is not assessed until the companies bring the funds back to the US. Whenyou hear about the big global companies that pay a really low tax rate due tooverseas earnings you are hearing about one year of their taxes and not thebig picture. For example GE got a lot of negative press for their 2022 US taxliability GE Paid No Federal Taxes in 2022 what everyone failed to mention isthat in 2022 GE paid 140 effective tax rate that means their 2022 US taxeswere 40 more than their total net profit for the year. Why because in 2009they choose to bring a lot of funds from overseas back into the US to fundtheir operations during the US economic downturn. Unlike individuals who get a permanent tax break every year on money theyearned overseas corporations always have a looming tax debt sitting out therethat if they ever want to bring those overseas profits back to the US then itwill cost them in tax dollars. So I would argue that it is just the oppositeUS individuals have it better when it comes to overseas earnings and not UScorporations.
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