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If you live abroad, do you still have to file with the IRS?
If your income is high enough to require you to file a return, yes, you need to file a return to declare the income you earn abroad. However, a sizeable portion of the earned income - $ 105,900 in 2022 - gets excluded under the foreign earned income exclusion (but not investment and other unearned income). Any income over that gets taxed by the IRS, or, if you pay foreign taxes on it, you may be able to take a credit against your federal taxes. But not all states recognize the foreign earned income exclusion and virtually no states will give you a credit for paying foreign taxes, so if you still have assets in the United States while living abroad - i.e. bank and brokerage accounts - it is advisable to get an address or post office box in a state without an income tax, like Florida, for the address on these accounts so you pay no state income tax. However, you may have other reasons for keeping your old address (you have children you want to attend state university and pay state resident tuition) or may have no choice (still own a home in the state you left and rent it out).
How much money can you make teaching English in Saudi Arabia?
I think itu2019s very difficult for an English teacher to find work in Saudi Arabia, because as I know, they are already very experienced in speaking English. English is the native language of KSA and the gulf.It was taught to them for 100 years ago, even before the foundation of Saudi Arabia.So generations grew up with a very good English skill, from father to son. This is quite normal for countries who are under the Anglo-Saxon colonial rule.We call this syndrome in our sayings as:u2018'While running away from a light rain, getting caught from earthquake.u2019u2019I believe that you will find it easier to find a job as an English teacher in England.But if you really want to try your luck in Saudi Arabia, get in touch with a Saudi consulate to ask the details and salaries. But make sure beforehand where the exit door is before you go in.
If you work remotely and live abroad as a U.S citizen, can you avoid income tax by getting a P.O. box in a state without income tax?
Let me clear up some confusion here:State income taxes, which are dictated by the state you are a resident of, are different from federal income taxes. (For good measure, some cities have income taxes on residents, too.)US citizens are taxed on their worldwide income regardless of where they live, although earned income (ostensibly what u201cremote worku201d generates) is subject to a limited exclusion.If you qualify for such an exclusion, all but about five states will u201cmatchu201d your federal exclusion.Qualifying for legal tax reduction requires you to spend a significant amount of tax outside of the United States, depending on your situation.US citizens are always required to file and report their worldwide income.So, to answer your question, you will need to meet the residence criteria established for the state you wish to move to. A P.O. box isnu2019t going to suffice if you have a home or other ties to your previous state; you actually need to move.That said, moving to a tax-free state before moving overseas could help if you do so legitimately. (Donu2019t think California isnu2019t keen on u201cpaper residenceu201d in Nevada, New York on Florida, etc. If you do it wrong, things like u201csafe harboru201d rules may come into play.)However, you may not need to.In 2022. you may exclude $105,900 in earned income from federal income tax. The standard deduction and a foreign housing credit may add further savings.As indicated above, most states will match this. For example, I lived in Arizona when I left the United States, and did not pay Arizona thanks to the exclusion being matched on the state level.Income tax is not the only tax, however. In fact, most Americans pay more in payroll tax (Social Security and Medicare) than in actual income tax. If you are a US citizen and are self-employed, youu2019ll need a foreign corporation to employ you, and to pass certain tests that deem you as a business and not a contractor if you want to not pay these payroll taxes.Being employed by a foreign corporation as an employee will also work.
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